You do the business, I'll do the books

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Every business needs to keep accurate records of their financial transactions by law.

Larger companies may be able to afford the luxury of employing a dedicated bookkeeper or team of financial experts to perform this task. However, many smaller businesses find that bookkeeping is a necessary chore, which the management are forced to undertake.
Often this means that sole traders, who are busy in the many roles required to run a successful business, find themselves spending precious time keeping the books.

This is where I can help. Let me take away the headache of keeping your books, leaving you to get on with the important role of running your business.
   I am a certified bookkeeper and member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
   I will provide a bookkeeping service tailored to your business needs at regular intervals to suit you
   I will maintain your records accurately and efficiently, and store them securely
   I will provide and honest and professional service
   You only pay for the time spent working on your books
 You do the business, I'll do the books